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Few matters in life are as impactful as personal relationships. For those entering into relationships, we can assist with the advice and preparation of prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, interdependent relationship agreements, separation agreements, minutes of settlement and others.  Such agreements are contracts that can help protect interests, and ensure clear communication.

If your relationship is at the point where you need legal advocacy, we can help.  We can prepare agreements and divorce documents. We’ll help you to work with the other side to find common ground that will allow you to move on with less expense and stress.

If necessary, we can represent you in Alberta Provincial Court or the Court of Queen’s Bench as needed.  In case of divorce, we can assist with ensuring appropriate child support and spousal support are paid.  The children shouldn’t get less than the law provides, and a payor should not be required to pay more than is appropriate.  Children should have as much positive contact with each parent as possible (in most cases), and parental alienation (a terrible form of child abuse) should be discouraged.

Things to Consider if you are thinking about separation or divorce …

You should keep in mind:

  • If you don’t have an agreement, Provincial law will likely govern division of assets.
  • Corporate assets can be divisible in a matrimonial property context.
  • There are tax implications that come with shared 50/50 custody.
  • Full disclosure of income and assets is standard procedure.
  • You don’t want to destroy your child’s self-image, support network, and relationship with a parent because the parents don’t get along.

How we can Help

We can provide guidance to assist you in making the best decisions for your circumstances by:

  • Keeping you apprised of the state of the law
  • Protecting your rights and confirming your obligations
  • Negotiating with the other side
  • Providing support calculations
  • Representing you in court