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With recent changes in employment law in Canada, employees have more rights, and employers have more obligations than ever before. Minimum wages are increasing while more allowances are available for employee time-off and medical needs. Employers need to know how to protect themselves from employees who commit crimes on the job and employees need to know their privacy rights are respected. Risks to employees and employers when allegations of sexual harassment arise are substantial.

The days when employment can safely be agreed on with a handshake are behind us. Now, employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements are common. Employees need their rights protected when employers make unreasonable and unlawful demands. Employers need to ensure they are protected from employees who act contrary to the law or company policy on or off the job.

With our help you can have clear communication via employment and other agreements. We work with you to help ensure your documents cover all the bases, and protect your interests. If litigation is necessary, documents can make all the difference. We’ll also help you to know what you can and cannot do in the employer / employee context so you can avoid missteps that can come back to haunt you. Because we work with employers and employees, we can better advise you about all aspects of the employment realm.

Things to Consider …

There are numerous aspects of the employment relationship that should be considered:

  • Interviewing dos and don’ts
  • Job descriptions
  • Accommodating employee needs to the point of hardship
  • Employee contract terms
  • Termination provisions

How we can Help

As the relationship proceeds from the initial interview to termination we can:

  • Prepare and revise employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements
  • Advise on the state of the law
  • Assist with preparation of termination notices and provide guidance regarding reference letters
  • Investigate workplace incidents
  • Provide guidance on a case-by-case basis