we are here to help

We can assist with a wide range of corporate services including: incorporation, purchase and sale of assets and shares, preparation of Unanimous Shareholder Agreements, contracts and other documents important to successful business operations. We also assist with negotiations and mediation, and when necessary, litigation.

Although litigation is an available option for resolving disputes, the emotional, psychological and financial costs can be burdensome. That’s why we assist our clients in developing preventative measures that are intended to reduce the likelihood of litigation. Preparation of comprehensive corporate documents will help ensure effective communication with shareholders, employees and contracted parties.

To incorporate or not to incorporate …

  • Does the nature of your business require personal protection from potential law suits?
  • Is there more than one person with an ownership interest in the business?
  • Would you like to have a pre-tax savings vehicle?
  • What about protecting your interest in the business if a partner leaves?
  • Do you want to control who can make what decisions for your business?
  • Will you need to control who can make what?

Things to consider when selling a business …

There are legal, tax and accounting implications to selling a business.

  • Are you selling shares, assets or both?
  • Employment contracts and termination
  • Capital gains
  • Valuation of assets and goodwill

Things to consider when buying a business …

  • Is the business subject to any live legal actions?
  • Assets via shares
  • Employees and termination
  • Tax status
  • Non-compete agreement

How we can Help

We can provide guidance to assist you in making the best decisions for your circumstances by: 

  • Keeping you apprised of applicable statutory law
  • Informing you of the relevance of dominant case law
  • Preparing and evaluating documents
  • Negotiating with other parties
  • Providing advice on an issue-by-issue basis