How can we help?

Our legal team has experience managing files in the following practice areas. Click on the links below for more detailed information on how we can assist in a specific area.

Family LAW

We can assist with divorce, separation and custodial court matters. As well as advise on and prepare minutes of settlement, prenuptial, cohabitation, interdependent relationship, separation and other contractual agreements.

civil litigation

We can assist with negotiations, settlement and litigation in several areas of civil law, including: Construction, Landlord/Tenant, Employer/Employee, Unpaid Debts, Defamation of Character, Personal Injury and Estates.

Wills & Estates

We assist with the preparation and amendment of wills, power of attorneys, and personal directives. Additionally, we provide services for the probate and administration of estates, along with other estate planning matters.

Business law

We assist in several areas, including: incorporation, purchase and sale of assets/shares, preparation of Unanimous Shareholder Agreements, contracts and other documents important to successful business operations.

employment law

With recent changes in employment law in Canada, employees have more rights, and employers have more obligations than ever. With our help you can have clear communication via employment and other agreements to protect your interests.

Landlord & Tenant

There is much law on what landlords and tenants can, and cannot do. We'll help you to know your rights and obligations. We'll also help you to take steps that are more likely to help you to be ready if your matter proceeds before the courts.